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The term “ICT” or “Information and Communication Technology” is getting popular even in Japan these days. Computer, which was born to meet the scientific needs including military purpose like calculating the trajectory ballistic, has been contributed to many commercial scenes.Furthermore, it now is integrated with communication technologies like Internet and we have entered into an era of dispersed, cooperative networks from stand alone systems.

Electricity industry on the other hand also has had a huge influence in the Japanese economy’s reconstruction after the World War II. It is said that the quality and reliability of electricity supply in Japan is second to none in the world, owing to the “merit of the scale” like mega power generators and ultra-high voltage power transmission network systems.Entering to the 21st century, however, the direction of “jumbonization” seems to be deviating. Global warming, deregulation, etc. encourage new comers like Photovoltaic Generation, Fuel Battery and Micro Dispersed Power Systems, which could replace the traditional “centralized” complicated power network system, where electric power companies supply electricity and consumers use it, to some new power network system, where the key importance is to manage the quality and reliability of the distribution network into which mass electricity could be pored by the consumers’ Photovoltaic Generation etc.

How to manage such devastating electricity flow inside of a microgrid and/or how to optimize such a devastating electricity flow among the microgrids?

The definition of Smartgrid varies, but we believe this is the main purpose of Smartgrid.

In the Smartgrid world, every node of the power network becomes “smart”, i.e., computerized, so that Smartgrid architecture becomes nothing different from the ones getting popular in ICT world.
This means that Smartgrid is just one of the examples of NGN or “Next Generation Network” and similar hardware and software could be utilized for it instead of consisting of specialized power network systems.

We expect yet many newer things could appear in this Smartgrid world and that is the reason we have established a new company, InterTech Research Corporation, to watch those new technical tide in the electric industry, to analyze what is good or bad if it is applied for Japanese electric power network, and to contribute something if we can.
Our company name stands for International Technology trend Research and the gear in the company logo symbolizes the “technology” as well as our wish that our company could help gear up the clients’ business by offering the valuable information.
Not just for Smartgrid, but for various areas ICT would widespread further on. Our company’s vision is to chase its trend and offer valuable strategic information to our clients.

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