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No. Year Report Title Download
1 2009.8 Overview of METI conference report of “Low-carbon Power transmission/distribution system” and comparison with Smartgrid (Word document in Japanese) 1.35MB
2 2009.9 Introduction to Smart Garage (Word document in Japanese) 2.20MB
3 2009.10 Smart Grid’s Trend over the past year (PPT document in Japanese) 309KB
4 2009.10 Coulomb Technology’s Smart Charging Business (PPT document in Japanese) 1.89MB
5 2009.11 International Standards for Smart Grid (Word document in Japanese) 3.3MB
6 2009.12 NIST Smart Grid Conceptual Model (Word document in Japanese) 915KB
7 2010.1 IEEESpectrum:Speed Bumps Ahead for Electric-Vehicle Charging (Word document in Japanese) 188KB
8 2010.4 The Taxonomy of Smart Grid Technologies 2.81MB
9 2010.4 Introduction to GTM Research report “The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players” Executive Summary and Chapter 1 (Word document in Japanese) 860KB
10 2010.5 Introduction to GTM Research report “The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players” Chapter 2 (Word document in Japanese) 1.7MB
11 2010.6 Introduction to Bloomburg Businessweek “Mapping Out an Electric-Car Future” and examination of Japanese Electric-Car Future (Word and Excel documents in Japanese) 867KB / 224KB
12 2010.8 Introduction to IEC Smartgrid Standardization Roadmap (Word document in Japanese) 885KB
13 2010.9 Introduction to GTM Research report “The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players” Chapter 5 (Word document in Japanese) 691KB
14 2011.6 IEA-CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Denmark (PDF in Japanese) 689KB
15 2011.6 IEA-CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Germany (PDF in Japanese) 750KB
16 2011.6 IEA-CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: United States (PDF in Japanese) 652KB
17 2011.7 IEA-CHP/DHC Country Scorecard: Japan (PDF in Japanese) 517KB
18 2011.7 IEA-Technology Roadmap Geothermal Heat and Power (Word Document in Japanese) 2.5MB
19 2011.10 Direction of Japanese Smartgrid (Powerpoint Document in Japanese) 2.1MB
20 2011.11 Trend of Demand Response (Word document in Japanese) 924KB
21 2011.11 Trend of OpenADE (Word document in Japanese) 886KB
22 2012.02 Trend of US Smartgrid related standardization and Demand Response (PDF in Japanese) 3.3MB
23 2012.03 Comparison of NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards
Release1.0 and Release2.0
24 2012.12 Whole picture of Demand Response, the core of Smart Grid 2013 DiscountOrderSheet
25 2013.2 OpenADR related Demand response Standards (PDF in Japanese) 1.5MB
26 2013.3 Demand Response Baseline (PDF in Japanese) 878KB
27 2013.3 The way how DR M&V was/is regulated by FERC Order-676 (PDF in Japanese) 1060KB
28 2013.8 DR Programs utilized in PJM Market (PDF in Japanese) 900KB
29 2013.10 Introduction to KNX and comparison among KNX, SEP and ECHONET (PDF in Japanese) 840KB
30 2014.2 DR promotion policy in US (PDF in Japanese) 1040KB
31 2014.3 KNX Technical Workshop Presentation material (PDF in English/Japanese) 20.45MB
32 2014.6 Where is Demand Response heading for? (PDF in Japanese) 2.88MB
33 2014.9 Introduction to QualityLogic’s “Transactive Control and OpenADR Roles and Relationships ” (PDF in Japanese) 3.59MB
34 2014.10 Whole Picture of OpenADR2.0, the Core of Smart Grid 2015 (Report in Japanese) DiscountOrderForm
35 2014.10 “The 1st Osaka Forum of KNX Technology and Application for Home and Building Control ” Presentation Material (PDF in Japanese) 72.4MB
36 2015.2 “The 5th International SmartGrid Expo” Presentation meterial “KNX and Demand Response” (PPTX in Japanese) 3.8MB
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